how many times can you start over?

Starting over...
Again and again and again...

So, tomorrow is Sunday. It is the day before everything starts ..... again... (technically Oscar didn't officially start school on Wednesday due to their slow integration of kids into Kindergarten - but anyways)

Maybe I should be happy that I get to start again, because this last little while I have seriously sucked at doing the things I've wanted to. I thought for sure that I would be into some kind of a routine by now!

Anyways, the only thing that I'm adding now is that I'm going to take a photo of myself once or twice a week to see how great (?) it's changing.... also, to go with that, I'm going to be doing some hard core Zuzanna . Can't wait to see those results!!!
The weather has turned colder for sure now, we may get a few nice days, but I don't expect them, in turn stews, soups and hearty veggies will be filling our plates and bowls more... hope the pounds don't come with it!!


I have officially finished my first portion of my Nutrition course, I now only have the Advanced to do and I am officially a NUTRITIONIST!!!!!

Also found a COOL new site that you may like..... I LOVE Deepak Chopra and would actually like to learn ayurveda!
Anyone out there practice this?? Would love to hear from you!

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