Yes, so it's been a while. What? Really, nearly a MONTH!!

Ok, Ok... I'm on it again... here we go!

Today and tomorrow are designated as "Nutrition Final Exam Days Part 1". In fact, I was expecting to take a week to finish it off, but am nearly done already! Yip Yip. I'm already excited to start studying the relaxation and stress management courses again. (A very VERY good friend of mine is having some problems with stress, and this is a great way for me to "practice" on her)

I'm still taking Q10 every day, no noticeable changes for the good or bad, so I take that as GOOD. Blood tests just came back, and as there is one little issue with my WBC, I am taking my results to my Naturalpathic Dr. to find out what it could be... suprisingly I'm not worried, hmm, that's COOL!

I'm not doing so well with the running, although I have been going out quickly after dropping the boys off at school, I guess that will have to do now that it's staying darker out later and getting a bit nippy out early in the morning.

Please don't forget that with the changing of the clocks, we must also start with our Vitamin D supplements. Don't know who much you should be taking? Go get a blood test done for it!

Still drinking 2-3 glasses of Green Tea, and every few glasses I've been adding some Tumeric and Cinnamon (Tumeric for all it's 1000+ good things it does for your body and Cinnamon for the taste!)

well, I think that might be it for now, I really want to keep the studying going, back again soon? I hope!

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