busy busy busy

Just making myself a cup a tea (wildberry delight with poppyflower) I've been really getting into tea lately as well as drinking way less coffee - strange, but nice. It's been a long week. Can't believe it's the 12th of October tomorrow.....
I've gotten my final exam in the mail, and am hoping to have it finished by Wednesday night. I'm a little nervous, I shouldn't be, but I am - this is pretty important and exciting to me! There was a slight mix-up before, they sent me some lessons instead of the final, so I was a little 'off' for a bit, but am ready to get'er done tomorrow and Wednesday. I don't have to help out at the school at all, and am otherwise on track for most everything else. I'm also pretty excited to restart my relaxation and stress management courses (funny how it seems that what ever I am learning is what I really need in my own life...) I have for a long time been stressed and think most mom's have trouble being relaxed. Give me some time and I'll help us all! :)
Thanksgiving weekend here went well. I'm so thankful for my boys (Chris, Callym and Oscar), and miss my family out west. It sounds like they're coming out for Xmas again this year, and that will be SO nice!!

I've been keeping up with my vits, and started adding in the D Vitamin (So important in the winter months, especially up north here!) Getting happier about running lately too, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fabulous weather we've been having here, high 20's to low 30's, strange but wonderful for the month of October!!

Thanks giving blessings to everyone out there! Hope you are all well!

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