Fav. Recipes.

OKay, here it goes. People have been asking me for some of these because they are the bomb! (and pretty healthy too).... I am happily passing these on, please enjoy! (and remember, these are not my original recipes, I do not have that kind of skill!)

My fav way to eat QUINOA!!!!

Teriyaki Quinoa 

#1 Cook 1 cup dry Quinoa (or use leftovers, that's what I do)
- if you are cooking leftovers, start at step 2!

#2 In a saucepan heat 4 large cloves of garlic and 1TBsp of grated fresh ginger (or more, I like more)

#3Once heated through and fragrant, add Quinoa and stir. (if this is your only item for the meal, add things like grated carrots, celery, minced peppers, minced broccoli, here's your chance to get creative!)

#4 add in 3-4 TBsp Tamari (gluten free is best), 2TBsp agave nectar (or sweetener), 1/2 lemon squeezed. Stir well. Keep at low heat.

#5 Add to plate and sprinkle with sesame seeds and cut green onions.

*found and adapted from ALIVE magazine*

My Fav Soup (besides homemade Chicken noodle and Borsht!)

Carrot Ginger Chicken Soup!

#1 saute medium onion in butter or coconut oil.

#2 add 2TBsp grated GInger, 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1tsp ground cinnamon

#3 add 9-10 cut up carrots (not too big!) and mix well. (I added 1 regular sized sweet potato and 6 carrots this time)

#4 add 1 can coconut milk, then fill that with water and add that. Add the juice of 1 orange.

#5 Boil slightly, then simmer 10-15 minutes(don't boil too much, remember there is milk in there!)

#6 While the soup is cooling a little Chop up your chicken into small bite sized pieces. Cook with a bit of olive or grape seed oil, a dash of salt and pepper. When done, set aside. (I would have a photo, but Chicken never looks good in photos!)
#7 When soup is cooled, blend it until it's creamy smooth.

Add in Chicken, stir, reheat and Serve!

*taken from Zuzanna's workout site*


Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Ohhhhhh my goodness girl!!!! I love the look of this quinoa!!! I must try it :)

I saw this carrot ginger soup on bodyrock.tv too and thought it would be even tasty without the chicken! possible chickpeas in replacement?


Tamara said...

The quinoa is So good, but I'd make it again without the agave (my stomach doesn't like that stuff!) as for the soup, yes www.bodyrock.tv !! <3 Z!!