Oil Pulling

While the idea of Oil Pulling or OP is very very old, it is brand new to me. I've come across the idea of Oil Pulling a few times in the last month or so, and keep meaning to search on it more. Yesterday we were at the book store and as I turned a corner there it was, a book on Oil Pulling. I decided to see how much I could read before the boys got bored and we had to leave.
Well, I'll tell you, my kids are amazing... they lasted so long that I really nearly finished it! Every 3rd or 4th page I could feel my mouth drop a little, and I would find myself looking for Chris to tell him what I just read. It was fantastic!

There seem to be no side effects to Oil Pulling, nor are there really any rules or strict guidelines to follow. Searching online I couldn't find very many sites on the topic, but here are a few that I did find....

It sounds like something that can't hurt to try, and could actually help? Who knows eh?

At any rate, Chris and I started Oil Pulling with Sesame Seed Oil today. It was really not that bad. I must say that the 20 minutes took some time to finish, and my tounge was pretty sore afterwards, but other then that it was ok. The oil looked like milk when we spat it out in the trash afterwards. I'm looking forward to trying it for a few weeks at least (after which I will stop to see if there is a noticable difference).

I have noticed that for a while now (at least 2 weeks) I have had a horrible tension headache and my neck hurts more then normal. I'm not sure what it's all about, but last night I started getting a little worried that it was maybe some residual mercury in my body from the removal of my last 2 mercury fillings. The dentist did not remove them properly, and I don't think I detoxed long enough with Cilantro. I have since increased my intake of Cilantro to 2-3 Tbsp today, and will continue that amount (or more) for a few weeks. I hope all of these together will get rid of this ache I have!

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