Roasted Chicken and ButterNut Soup

In an effort to get blogging more, I'm trying to think of everyday things of interest that I could use as an excuse to put up. I'm not saying it's a waste of time to blog,  on the contrary blogging takes dedication!

Anyways, for right now I'm going to put up a quick little blog about my dinner. Roasted Chicken and ButterNut soup. When I saw this recipe in my book last night I immediately knew I had to make it for dinner sooner then later. It just turns out that today was one of those perfect soup days, you know the kind; cold breezy days with beautiful flakes of snow falling (the first of the season!)

So, off to the store to get what I needed :
1 med. ButterNut squash (aprox. 2.5 pds)
4 nice size chicken thighs with skin (bone in)
1 med. yellow onion
1 ltr of chicken stock

preheat oven to 425
peel, seed and cut ButterNut into cubes
dice onion
place all ingredients on baking dish, season with olive oil, course salt and pepper and bake for aprox 30 minutes (or until squash and chicken are cooked through)
Once cooked, transfer chicken to plate for cooling,
add squash and onions to medium size pot and add chicken stock.
add 1/4 tsp of both ground cumin and ground coriander
Bring to simmer
mash some veggies until soup is thickened
meanwhile; cut up chicken and add meat pieces, stir
season with salt, pepper, fresh lime juice (I knew I forgot something!) and fresh cilantro, serve!

I thought it tasted delish! I will for sure make this again... on the other hand, this is what my 7 year old had to say when I asked him if he finished his dinner...

Me; Callym did you finish dinner?
Callym; Yup, I had to take really big spoonfuls and then wash it down with water, but I finished.
Me; So you didn't like it? 
Callym; It wasn't so bad, but I never want it again.

Thanks for listening, 

 p.s. Credit where credit is due, this recipe is from the lovely Martha Stewart!

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