and the news today is.... LINKS!!!

As always I'm a few days (weeks) late, and as always I have no good excuse, but I am sorry!

So, what's new. What is going on. Well a lot actually. I've joined a great new website called IHeartWellness and it promises to be a great place to go for advice on running, health and support and the sharing of blogging, recipes for dinners and smoothies, guidance and new friendships. Come down and check it out! (make me a friend while you're there!)

I won a bottle of Vitamin D3 from a great Canadian company called Prairie Naturals. When I opened the bottle I was super surprised to see such tiny little pills, they could almost dissolve on your tongue! Can't wait to take these, and because of the size it's super easy for my kids to take too! I love supporting Canadian companies!!! In fact, I've also gone and bought some of their Morning Rise and Shine powder. It's a fantastic tasting powder that you add to a bit of warm water first thing in the morning. It has 1/2 lemon and 1 oz of Aloe Vera Juice plus valuable alkaline and trace of minerals in every serving. It's Vegan too! So far I love waking up and giving my body the alkaline start. I will stop taking it for a few weeks when the bottle is all done, but only to see what happens. I'm over the moon happy about the product and totally believe in the good it does! (p.s. I don't work for them or get paid for saying this)

Read a great article today on being skinny, and being skinny-fat. It's really REALLY interesting, I hope this will help some people out there! For all of you out there that think that those people who can fit into a size 2 or 4 are skinny and should shut up for feeling 'fat', now you can stop judging!!! (and all you out there who think you need to get rid of that extra fat but don't because people give you "the eye" when you say you have excess - argh! don't listen to them!!) Opps, nearly forgot, here's the link to skinny-fat. Being skinny or bigger doesn't mean you are healthly or unhealthy!

Also received my  prize from a twitter contest today. Naturally Savvy does a question of the day, and the winner gets something cool and different every time. My prize was a great Red lunch bag (I'm sure my eldest will take that seeing as it's his fav colour!), 2 cooking lite magazines, and a bunch of assorted drink powder samples (trim, go greens, acai, omega to go, green energy, and extreme berries) all from a company called Healthy to go. I'll let you know what I think of them all once we try them (have to share with the family).

Now, what else. Oh ya, food and exercise and school, and family, and my 'self care' and my balancing act. How is that all going? Swell, pretty good, well not bad most of the time....

So, I'm still running about 6 times a week! It's getting much colder out here which means that I find myself running shorter distances, but getting out in the fresh air and running makes me feel so good I just can't stop! I hope it continues throughout the winter (but if you've ever been in Winnipeg in the winter, you know that it can get really REALLY COLD, so we'll have to see, I may just get a temporary gym membership)

I've finished (and totally passed) my first nutrition course (no not class, COURSE) now just waiting for my diploma in the mail!!!! Also waiting to get my Stress Management Final (should be done that by Monday). Can't believe how great it feels to accomplish this schooling!

I've also taken a bunch of new photos with my fab new camera. I'm about to go to my photo blog page and do some updates, if you want to check that out later it should be done by dinner (lol)

As for my self care and life coaching systems... well, they're going a little slower then I would really like. It seems that Chris and I are getting busier and busier (though I don't know with what), and well, we've fallen off track. We've made a plan to check in with each other every Monday night (whoops, that would be today), and make sure that we are still moving forward, it's good to be accountable to someone other then yourself sometimes! I still see great things for me and Chris and us as a family / couple. It's alright that sometimes we forget where we are going, I think the fault lies in not getting back on track once we notice we've gone astray!

There is a line in the movie 'the secret' that goes something like this... ""Take the first step, no matter if you can only see the first step"". It's taking that first step that scares us, we can't see anything else but that first scary step. There is also another line I read in 'eat pray love' that says something like this: ""faith is belief in something you cannot see or prove or touch, faith is walking face first and full speed into the dark"".  I think that these applied to my life a few months ago. Chris and I were scared (or maybe just nervous) about going forward with our future dreams, but we have always had faith in our dreams, and so we stepped. But now, Now it's different, once we took a few steps and nothing bad happened, we started walking faster. You know what happens when you start walking faster? 2 things, One is that it starts getting easier, and the other is that you realize you are running. You aren't scared anymore, and it's all working, it's all falling into place. We are starting to walk faster. We're not running yet, but it's coming and it makes me excited!

So, I see that I have started babbling a little. This means I should stop. Thanks for listening, and comment on anything please, I'd love to hear what you have to say!


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