Detox Day 5

So today is going well enough. The salt water flush took a bit too long for my liking, but I"ll leave it at that.
Being a holiday today, I got to spend the entire day with my boys! It was a ton of fun, we hung out and had a blast. Hunger is not bothering me today, even when walking by food at the mall (thank gawd, cause that stuff is pretty nasty most of the time).... The only thing that is calling my name is Kris' homebaked gluten free cookies... and lo and behold she has a give away too! I'm not sure how many readers I have out there (one? maybe not even)... but if you are out there, go to Kris' site (iheartwellness) and enter to win your very own taste of her very own cookies! And if you don't win, well, just order them off her etsy site!

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