Master Cleanse Recipe (& more info)

Daily Drink (this should last you all day):
8 cups of pure filtered water (you want filtered for the obvious reasons of not putting more chemicals and toxins in your body when you're trying to get them all out!)
12 TBsp of Pure Organice Maple Syrup (the underlined words are very important! do not skimp on this)
12 TBsp of Pure Organic Lemon Juice (you need to squeeze your own juice, the stuff in the bottle is not good enough)
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper (don't add this into the mix straight away, add it to your cup when your ready to drink)

What do all these ingredients do for you really?
known as natures miracle fruit
has plenty of potassium (aids in normalizing blood pressure)
work with sodium to regulate bodies water balance
top source of citric acid (essential for our bodies cells)
great germicide
provides modest amounts of calcium, magnesium, enzymes, vitamin C & A, copper, iron, phosphorous, folic acid
A+ tonic/cleansers for liver, kidney, bowels lungs and skin (helps flush out our system)

Maple Syrup:
great source of Manganese (energy producer and antioxidant defender)
Zinc (helps decrease skin problems, supports prostate health & keeps immune system healthy)

Cayenne Pepper:
also has calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, niacin,  riboflavin, thaimine, Vitamin A, B6, C,E. 
Maybe I should have just said it doesn't have any: folic acid, panthothenic acid,Vitamin B12, or K

Our added ingredients to the cleanse...
 we are doing 2 X 10ml shots of this stuff in a glass of water per day::
Vital Greens by;Naka
Superfood Complex: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, soy lecithin,  spirulina, pectin apple fiber, sprouted barley malt, brown rice bran, bee pollen, pineapple juice powder, Nova Scotia Dulse, fructooligosac-charides, chlorella, beet juice powder, oat grass, rye grass, grape seed extract, peppermint leaf, royal jelly, acerola juice powder, licorice root, rhubarb juice powder, aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, ginger root and bilberry leaf.)        
Vegetable Juice Complex; broccoli juice, carrot juice, tomato juice, beet juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, brussel sprout juice, cabbage juice, celery juice, kale juice, asparagus juice, green bell pepper juice, cauliflower juice, parsley juice, wheat grass juice.)    
Chlorophyll Powder & Aloe Vera Extract

There are a ton of reasons why this addition is great for the detox (check their site if you'd like more info) But basically, it will add some protein, and really boost the detox process along.

For the record, we do drink a ton of filtered water, along with the occasional herbal tea during the day. Also, first thing in the morning, we do the dreaded salt flush, and at night we take a bunch of fibre pills (make sure yours don't include psyillium husk~ as it will just constipate you!)
Don't forget to get plenty of rest, excercise (or at least stretching/yoga), add in some beneficial body brushing, some epsom salt baths, infa-red saunas, meditation, massages, and anything else that you think will help!

Good Luck!!

here are a few sites that talk about the master cleanse (diet/detox) if you'd like more info about it (and if you're thinking of doing this, you really should!!)...
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