being in the "right place at the right time" just happen sometimes

I was feeling a little in limbo, there were things that I could do, things that I should have been doing, and then there was me.... walking around in circles with a cup of almost warm tea in my hands. It was only 10:30, I had all day to figure out what to actually do.....

I happen to open the cupboard above the coffee machine to grab my morning vitamins, and that's when I noticed that the 2 shelves of our assortment of teas, and supplements was looking a tad messy. It was gross actually. So I put my tea down (who's kidding who, I wasn't drinking it anymore, it was getting cold), jumped up on the counter and started going through the mess.

I found expired allergy medicine that I had forgotten we had (obviously), 2 different B vitamins, 2 different adult cough and cold remedies (it's been ages since we've used that kind of medicine when sick), an open and half used bag of children's zinc lozengers, tylenol that was nearly full but expired, some kids echineachea that was only good for another month (perfect timing with this weather, plus Oz wasn't feeling to well), and some 'herbal calm' which I thought was perfect for me seeing as the crazy hectic holidays was sneaking up on us at an alarming rate.

I've titled this post about being in the right place at the right time because that is what happened to me.... Oz needed something for the cold he was catching (and after a few days of the drops, he's doing better then ever!), and I was just talking with my husband about already getting stressed out thinking about the holidays. Herbal Calm here I come!

Every once in a while you need to do little mini cleans in your home. Check the medicine cabinets ~ and on that note, move it out of your washrooms, the humidity can do nasty things to prescriptions, herbal remedies, and the like! Keep it somewhere cool, dry and away from sun, humidity, heat, kids and animals. When you're done cleaning out all the bad and expired stuff, stock up on things like Tea tree oil, Oil of Oregano, Vitamins, Herbs and more!


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