straw that broke the camels back, or how I'm getting rid of this tire for good!

It's been a few weeks since I started doing this hardcore working out with Zuzana at BodyRockTV, and as intimidating as it was to start, I am now 200% addicted, hooked and loving it! Every morning I wake up and get my smoothie ready, then while the boys are eating and getting dressed I am sweating and working my ass off! Love it!!! I took some photos of me on the day that I started working out (Nov 24th), and will take some more closer to mid January. If I took them right now, I'm sure you wouldn't see a difference, in fact to me it seems that I've gained a few inches on this tire of mine....  I'm working so hard, and I can feel (deep down somewhere hiding in there) that I've got some muscle and made some progress, but it's for sure not picture worthy yet....... This is actually really bothering me. I've never had trouble with my weight, I've actually never really thought about it one way or another. I've always been 'lucky' to be 'thin'. I say these in 'quotations' because that's what people have always told me. But right now I'm struggling to see my body in a positive way in the mirror.
 I'm not a perfectionist, and I don't have a distorted view of my body. I  know that I'm 'thin', but at the same time I have fat. Notice I didn't say that I was fat, but that I have fat, there's a difference, oh yes there it! I may be a size 4, but I too have a tire that I'm carrying around. I do, and I'm tired of it! It seems worse now then it did in the summer.... which makes sense. But the bottom line is that this tire is what is hiding all my progress with Zuzana~
Most people indulge in cakes and sweets and extra helpings when the weather gets colder (it's that extra layer we tell ourselves that we need to survive the winter), and I do live in a very VERY cold place... but in the end it's all just excuses! I have been indulging in sweets and cookies and extra snacks. And although most of my 'treats' are made by me and are very  healthy, it's still  not letting me see all of my hard work.
With all of the blabbering, I feel I've gotten off track.
Here is the point.
Here is what I'm going to do now that the Camel's back has split.
I'm going on a quick and simple half fast half cleanse starting today and ending on Sunday night. It will be simple, but hopefully effective!
For my breakfast I will continue with my smoothie always making sure there is plenty of spinach, fruits and protein powder. For Dinner I will have a good helping of a Delish salad full of body cleansing veggies (things like Beets, Cilantro, Broccoli, Kale, etc). In between my 2 meals a day I will only drink either some Green Tea, Filtered Water or the "famous" Lemonaid Drink.
This added to by Body Brushing, Yoga, and my workouts (which may need to come down a notch because of the difference in my food intake~ we'll see..) should help rid me of this horrible tire that keeps following me around.
Afterwards of course I will need to eat properly, starting with RAW and alkalizing foods, and Nuts, and after 5-7 days adding in meats as well. I should be back to 'normal' for the Holiday season!

Yes, then the Holiday Season. Will Power, and the look of my nearly 6 pack abs should help.... lol, I guess we'll see!
Wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted!

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Kris | said...

I am 200% in love with these workouts as well!! They push you hard don't they? Since doing them for a few weeks I have notice a nice difference :)

how was your little cleanse? Great job on keeping the diet high alkaline, I love that! you must feel great :)